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Barrister and Mann

To coincide with their Spring release we are putting Barrister and Mann in the spotlight this month. From their Latha line that provides excellent shaving experience at an attractive price to their Spring releases that include Diamond a shave soap with the unique blend of freshly cut grass, stadium soil, beer, leather, pine, cedar, popcorn, and caramel it is a great way to kick off spring. Petriach offers the feeling you get from that fresh rain fall. And Rhapsody helps you get into Spring with its citrus, floral, and spice blend. The Spring releases will be available April 1st at noon. Read more about the releases.

The Merkur Progress

The Merkur Progress is an adjustable razor providing control over your shave that is simply not attainable with a standard razor; safety or otherwise. The Progress allows you to change the aggressiveness of the blade by turn a knob at the end of the handle. Turning it to 1 will give you a mild aggressiveness, crank it up to 5 for a much more aggressive shave. Read More.

Shave For 30¢ A Week

Shaving doesn't need to break the bank which is why we put together this razor and blade combo. This TOTC shaving kit provides you with a TOTC Chrome safety razor along with a 100 Astra blades. At the end of two years you still have a razor that you can continue using. No plastic. No cartridges. Read More.

Wet Shaving Starter Kit

No real reason to hesitate giving classic shaving a try with this kit that includes everything you need to get started. Included in this kit is the classic eucalyptus and menthol scent of the Proraso green shave soap. A basic, but very capable Omega boar shaving brush, 10 blades to get you started - 5 Astra blades and 5 Shark blades, and finally one of our chrome 3 piece safety razors. Click here for more information.