Rockwell Razors | 6S – Adjustable Safety Razor (Select)


A razor that adjusts to your skin type and stubble length, so you get a close, comfortable shave – every time! The 2C is perfect for budget conscious shavers to get started with Rockwell’s patented adjustability and precision-engineered, optimized blade angles. Say goodbye to razor burn for good and say hello to the closest, most comfortable shave of your life.

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Very good daily razor.

I also did not purchase here, but have been using this razor for about 4 months daily for head and neck shaving. It's a heavy razor, but feels really nice in the hand. Plate 6 will mow down a few days growth easily, and a plate 2 or 3 for finishing touches. It's taken me about 3 months to find what blade/plate combo works best for me and to refine my technique. I am able to get consistently close shaves with the R6, without irritation or nicks. It's a little more involved adjusting than just turning a dial, but you won't even notice after a few shaves. As with all new to you razors, grab a sample pack of blades and take the time to diligently go through each full tuck before moving on to the next. Keep notes as well, because a month or two down the line when you have a better technique and go back to one of the first blades in your sampler, you have a reference as to how that blade performed.

Good luck out there and many happy shaves.

Couldn’t Agree More

Todd is correct. This razor is my daily driver as the kids say. It works amazing. Has so much adjustability and can be customized to your face.

I have to really be slacking or sloppy to cut myself with this and I use blade 5. I have sensitive skin but really coarse steel wool type facial hair that grows super fast. This is the only thing that provides me with an irritation free shave.

If this is your first razor get a blade sample pack or pick up a few five packs of blades here on Top of the Chain to figure out what works best for you.

The Rockwell Blades it comes with are generally not well received by most people. Finding a blade that works for you with this amazing razor will set you up nicely for a wonderful shaving experience that will last you a lifetime.

Giovanni is wrong. This is a great razor.

I did not buy the Rockwell 6S through Top of the Chain, but I own it and if anyone is into double edge razor shaving it is a good razor overall. Comparing it to an electric razor doesn't make any sense at all. Two entirely different experiences. Blasting through an electric razor shave is not the same enjoyable experience as a good double edge razor shave. Giovanni is it too much of a hurry.

Not a great shave

I used it once and did not like the shave, not at all comfortable, my 5 blade electric shaver is superior, very disappointing in this product, wish I can send it back for a complete refund.

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