Muhle | R41 Safety Razor -Open Comb – Chrome

Weight: 2.36 oz (67 g)
Length: 3.74″ (9.5 cm)
Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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This is not supposed to be your first razor.

Youtube will tell you to expect a bloodbath. Well that's true if you don't know what you are doing. This fellow is the real deal and a choice weapon when the task at hand needs some extra gusto. This could be a daily shaver for some but for most it's for when you have few days of growth that could potentially clog other razors. This stallion will mow the lawn with no fuss. I use it on my head (with 5-7 days growth) and you better pay attention; this will slice off high points and cause irritation if your angle strays or you press too hard. You don't need to press at all. Let the razor do the work. I love this thing and very glad I ignored the crowd and bought one.

Ron Neumann
And the job goes too!!

What a fantastic razor.

Looks aren't everything with this warrior. If you're looking to mow down that week long facial hair since you weren't able to during the week. This is the one for the job.

The open comb will tell you right away, that this guy means business. Add a blade of your choice or, add a Feather Blade and consider the job done in one to two passes without any issue.

If you're not looking to do some major work, add a blade you've always used in the past and let the razor do its job with confidence.

A must have in any and every shave den.

Not for the ones new to the journey, but a definite must have as you progress.

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