Moon Soaps | Amaretto Speciale Shave Cream


Amaretto Speciale is our tribute to classic Italian shaving. Almond scented shaving soap is a standard in barbershops throughout Italy. Moon’s special version of the scent will transport you to Genoa…

A nutty almond liqueur with ribbons of syrupy dark cherry and a hint of buttery, toasted almond biscotti. This cream is deep and complex, both light and dark, and will definitely work as your every day shave cream.

This formula is a very soft cream comparable to the consistency of room temperature butter. Loading your brush couldn’t get any easier, just rub a small amount into the damp bristles with your finger then bowl lather or go straight to a face lather. The lather produced is thick, stable, protective, and incredibly slick.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wow...Super Amaretto Scent

If you like Cella, you will probably like this. Much stronger but better imo. lathers very easily and super slick. I love it

Strong cherry-ish scent!

I love amaretto! This is a very strong scent off the puck. It's more of a cherry scent to me as the almond in amaretto tends to elicit. Still a very enjoyable soap and lathers well.

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