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Eco-friendly single edge razors. Find your ridiculously comfy single-edge shave. Plastic-free, of course. Twig for lighter hair, gentler shaves; and Thorn for thicker / coarser hair.

If you’re looking for a single blade shave there is no better option.

✓ Intuitive blade angle
✓ Back-weighted handle
✓ Magnetic Load Assist™
✓ Twist-to-open loading
✓ Works with standard safety razor blades

The Twig is the milder, gentler version. A great choice for sensitive skin, or lighter hair.

The Thorn is the more aggressive version. A great choice for coarser hair and ultra close shaves.


• Leaf single-edge razor (Twig or Thorn version)
• 5-blade pack

🌍 Plastic-Free Packaging
🌍 Carbon Neutral


Face Shaver? Yes. With a head half the size of any standard safety razor, and smaller than the Leaf triple-blade razor, you can reach tight places with ease.

Head Shaver?
 Many head shavers gravitate towards our triple-blade razor. If you don’t mind a little extra time and want a single blade shave, try Thorn.

Body Shaver? Most folks shaving legs, body or under arm choose our triple-blade razor. If you have your heart set on a single blade shave, you’ll find The Twig to be an easy transition for you.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Nova
Leaf Twig

Nice shaver, heavy and somewhat slippery but it's ok after getting used to. Made in China.

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