Vie-Long | Vintage Alter Brown Horse Hair Brush


Vie-Long Vintage Alter Brown Horse Fibre Brush. The history of Vielong began in 1940, when Juan Bautista Julián, a craftsman who loves shaving and personal care, began his work in a small workshop located in the Ruzafa neighbourhood of Valencia. Today, Vielong is a world leader in men’s shaving and grooming.

The Vielong Alter Series Shaving Brush is made from brown horse hair. A material with a very good value for money that combines firmness in the structure of the hair and softness at the ends. The qualities of horse hair provide excellent water absorption. The horse’s hair comes from the mane and tail, and the horse is not injured in the extraction process, as this is obtained through simple brushing. The hair that falls out is boiled and used to create the brushes.

Approximate measurements:

Hair height: 53 mm

Handle height: 52 mm

Knot diameter: 24 mm

Made in Spain.

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