Thiers Issard

Thiers Issard | "Le Dandy" 6/8" Ivory Straight Razor


The razor features: 6/8” blade made of Carbon Steel (C135 Steel) with round point, and “Le Dandy” etching on the blade.
Blade finish: Both sides are Satin polished.
Handle material: Ivory color plastic.
Model: 41D-6/8-275-DD-PB
Manufactured by: Thiers-Issard. Handcrafted in France.


- Thiers-Issard razors are individually custom handmade by experienced artisans at the Thiers-Issard factory, there will be some minor variation between razors.
- The razor shown on the picture is a sample from the batch of other razors with the same model number. In other words, you will be buying a unique piece of craftsmanship!
- Razors come in a protective coating which is visible on the picture as smear. Once you will receive the razor, wipe it with a towel.
- The razor is supplied in a Thiers-Issard leather pouch.
- Thiers-Issard razors are factory pre-honed and sometimes may require additional hand honing procedure for comfortable shaving.
- Please read restrictions for straight razors return policy.

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