The Goodfellas’ Smile

The Goodfellas’ Smile | Straight Razor INFERNO


Traditional straight razors or cutthroats are wonderful things to own, I have a few. However, there is nothing on this Earth sharper than a DE blade. Take a DE blade snap it in half and place it in the Abysso or any other razor designed to accept the half DE blade.

The result is by far a superior shave.  A little practice and you will always have the cleanest, smoothest shave possible. It is a skill worth learning, shaving becomes an art not a requirement.

  • Break the blade: remove a blade from the package and, without removing it from the wrapper, fold it in half on the long side. The pressure will break it into 2 equal parts.
  • Insert the blade: remove the removable insert from the head of the shaver by pushing it outwards. Place the half blade on the appropriate pins of the coupling that act as a guide. Gently reinsert the blade into the razor head.
  • Angle the blade as close to the skin as possible and away you go.
  • Make sure the skin is pulled tight before the stroke.

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