Tallow + Steel

Tallow + Steel / Maol Grooming | Echoes of Rain - Presale


Expected to ship late September/early October 

Please note that all items included in this order will ship at once. 

 Pre-order closes September 3rd at midnight


*Aftershave can be shipped to the US

Echoes of Rain began as a fun, exclusive project for the Canadian Wet-Shavers FaceBook group. Sean had just launched Maol Grooming and was a massive fan of Tallow + Steel, so the idea of collaborating with Ryan was beyond exciting. Sean and Ryan then created a poll in the group soliciting ideas for possible scent combinations, and the winning combo would become Echoes of Rain. The rest is history. 


They debuted Echoes of Rain in the fall of 2018 and received an overwhelmingly positive response. It was the perfect storm; a beautiful autumnal label, a darkened and rich scent, a superb soap base, and a soothing aftershave. They both were beyond proud of the collaboration and have been thinking about it ever since. Well, now is the time for its return!


Echoes of Rain will be available for pre-order exclusively from Top of the Chain starting on August 30th at noon EST and closing on September 3rd at midnight. You’ll notice the label has been modified and this time will include artwork created by Artificial Intelligence using descriptors provided by Sean and Ryan. “We again could not be more proud of this true collaboration, and hope you will once again enjoy the beauty that is Echoes of Rain.”


A formidable base of sweet, smoky Tobacco and earthy hints of Patchouli. 


Citrus, floral, spice, herb, and wood notes meet in the middle with a fresh, smooth blend of Atlas Cedarwood, Pamlarosa, Coffee, Clary Sage, Juniper Berry, and Bergamot. 


Top notes of Cardamom and Basil bring everything together to form a desirable accord that will remind you of the brisk fall rains and the changes in air that calms the senses, and eases the transition of the seasons.

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