Stirling Soap Co.

Stirling Soap Co. – Synthetic 2-Band Brush – 24mm X 56mm


Our newest addition to our synthetic brush lineup! This black and white synthetic 2-band knot has super soft bristles but enough backbone to perform flawlessly.  Lathers like a champ!

Customer Reviews

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Stirling black synthetic brush

So far I have only used the brush twice, but on both occasions it has performed very well and better than expected. Currently, it has taken first place among all my other shaving brushes, of which I have many. I can't wait to use it again.

Ron Neumann
Great backbone for a soft brush

The first shaving brush I purchased.

Viewed reviews, videos and everything else on the social network to finally decide on this brush. A great choice, no regrets.

Excellent backbone to get that lather directly from the puck. Soft enough to apply to your face without feeling needles gabbing you.

Anyone looking to up their brush game, this is a great choice.

John Rose
Looks nice, feels nice

Just like they say - the knot has backbone, but very soft tips. This is my all-time favourite synthetic brush.
I like the hourglass profile of the handle. Easy to hang onto even when you do things like flick excess water off the brush.
With the handle's shape and the black & white colour scheme, it looks very 1930s Art Deco.
Excellent value for the price.

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