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You still hold open doors. Sir, Ma’am, please, and thank you are permanent fixtures in your lexicon. Your attire is never disheveled in public. You command respect from first glance, then earn and keep that respect as time passes. Rudeness and coercion are not in your personality. It doesn’t need to be. Others feel compelled to be around you and work with you. You’re not a jerk or a relic of times past. You’re a Gentleman. A Stirling Gentleman….and this is what you smell like.

A warm and masculine blend of Tobacco, Vanilla, Amber, and Musk.


Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Emulsifying Wax, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Glycerin, Myristyl Myristate (Co-Emulsifier), Grapeseed Oil, Refined Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus, Stearic Acid, Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Allantoin

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Rob D

I've been looking forward to trying the Stirling Soap after shave balm for a while now. I did something I usually don't do with an unknown product and purchased two: Coniferous and Stirling Gentleman.

Right out off the box, I noticed the containers were made of cheap green plastic. Okay, not great, but not a deal breaker. Opening each bottle, I found the scents passable but not outstanding.

I've been using both products for about a month now. The balm is extremely thick, much like a heavy hand lotion. It does not rub in well, and if you're not using a mirror when applying, you may end up walking around with a blob of white goop on your face. One time I squeezed a bit too hard and had to wipe it off with a towel!

I do not recommend at all. Will not purchase Stirling products again. I hate wasting money, but I may just toss both.

I highly recommend Henri et Victoria Cuban Cigar and Cognac; great product, smells phenomenal and lasts. Also love Proraso. Want to try a Moon Soap next.

Stay away from this one, unfortunately. Huge disappointment.

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