Simpsons | M6 Sovereign Grade Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush


The M6 shaving brush Sovereign Grade Synthetic Fibre faux Ivory is one of the original Alexander Simpson brush designs dating back to 1919 around the time the company was founded in the East End of London. The M denotes Macauley Road, the street address where the business was based at that time. As such, the handle design is synonymous within the shaving aficionado community.

This gorgeous M6 shaving brush, the smaller, some might say cuter sibling to its big M7 brother, is turned using a classic faux Ivory rod & densely filled with Simpson’s uniquely sourced Sovereign grade synthetic fibre.

M6 Sovereign grade synthetic approximate brush specifications:

Overall brush height: 95mm
Handle height: 51mm
Knot loft: 44mm
Knot diameter: 21mm

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