Semogue | Pharos C3 Horse Pure Black Synthetic Shaving Brush


Semogue Pharos C3 Horse Pure Black Sintetic Shaving Brush. Founded in Portugal, Semogue has been manufacturing shaving brushes since 1955, with a single objective: customer satisfaction. Their products are the result of tradition and experience accumulated over decades.

Semogue renews its catalog and its brand image. The simple and minimalist lines of the Pharos series, the largest collection of the brand, not only incorporates a wide assortment of handles with outstanding colors and materials but, the variety of their knots is aimed to please the needs and desire of a dynamic market and customers.

Made from dyed beech wood that gives it a ocean green color, Semogue chooses for this model the new synthetic fibers, inspired by the natural colors found in the black badger knots. The synthetic knots distinguish themselves for the tips softness, ease and effectiveness to create lather are another of their strenghts. Vegan synthetic bristles that makes it ideal to carry in the toiletry bag, since the fibers dry faster.

Total height: 103mm

Knot diameter: 21mm

Loft: 50mm

Made in Portugal

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