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Phoenix Shaving | The Chill Mill – Adjustable Menthol Grinder


We Just Updated the original design w/ an adjustment dial on the grinder head. Now you can control the coarseness of the menthol crystals! Also updated the label art too! More Control, Same Great Price! 

Yes my friends, this really happened!

The goal originally was to create the worlds coldest shave soap, and all was going well but then it occurred to me, who really defines what the coldest soap is? After all, this is a hobby where the mantra is, “your mileage may vary”.

So How could I put the control into the customers hands?

I sat at my desk pondering this, mindlessly staring at a big bag of organic menthol crystals. In the middle of this conundrum I swiveled around to speak with Fran, who was sitting at her desk behind mine. At that very same moment, she pulled a salt grinder out of her top desk drawer and began to use it on her lunch…BOOM!

Before she was done using it I grabbed it from her hand and turned back around to that bag of menthol.

“Hey, I was….” She began.

“Chocolate and peanut butter Baby!” I screamed.

This exclamation kinda stunned her in her tracks. She got up from behind her desk and made her way to mine. I broke my intense focus only for a second and gave her a cool, knowing nod. She reached over, grabbed the salt and went back to her desk.

So that my friends is the REAL, Honest to Goodness, True Origin story of how The Chill Mill came to be…and man, does it deliver! [whether Fran appreciates my genius or not.]

So How Does This Work & Why Do I Need This?

Simple, you can now turn any of your favorite shave soaps into an instant cooling or face freezing adventure! Seriously, go as lite or as heavy on the menthol as YOU want!

Crank Up The Cool!

Granted, I have always offered something similar to this with my mentholated preshave soaps and jellies but this is that on steroids! That said, a little goes a long way so pace yourself with the sprinkles at first…and thank me later!

If you identify yourself as a true “Menth Head”, then this is truly the fix for you! 

Directions: Shake grinder to loosen up crystals. Wet soap and give 2 twists to the grinder sprinkling above the puck. wait 15 seconds. Load brush on puck as usual. Build lather in bowl or on face. If you are a “scooper” and use a bowl. Smoosh down the soap in the bowl covering as much surface area as possible. Wet then add menthol sprinkles. Whip up lather…BOOM!!!


Jar: Glass; Grinder: Acrylic

Air tight Resealable Cap

1.6 Oz Menthol Crystals

Note: A little goes a long way so experiment with the amount of menthol dust that works for you! Note: Only Use As Recommended.

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