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Phoenix Shaving | Atomic Age Bay Rum Aftershave & Cologne


Just a few things that make Atomic a very different Kind of Bay Rum

• Zero Clove (Find out why below)

• 5 Years in development

• Charred Oak Barrel Aged

• Scent Notes Blended to Balance

• Made with West Indian Bay Hydrosol

• Hedione Seaweed Extract, Liquid Silk, & Aloe Vera

“When you tell everybody that you don’t like bay rum and Douglas Smythe makes a liar out of you…this stuff is killer!” ~ Kenny Comeaux

Atomic Age Bay Rum has been over 5 years in the making, possibly 15-20 if you take into consideration my years prior being a Bay Rum wearer and connoisseur!

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Best Bay Rum

The best bay rum I've ever used. Sophisticated and complex and less sweet than most bay rums.

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