Phoenix Shaving

Phoenix Shaving | Alum Block Dry Dock System | with 3.65 Oz Alum Block

Benefits of The Alum Block Dry Dock
  • Dramatically Extends The Life Of Alum Block
  • Unique Design Allows for Maximum Air Circulation
  • Keeps Block Where Needed; Within Reach
  • A Convenient Alum Block Storage Solution
  • Includes No Slip Grip Band – Salt, Water & UV Resistant
  • Washable & Built To Last!

Alum Instructions: Alum is amazing, simply wet it and rub all over the area just shaved, simple as that. You can choose to rinse it off after a couple minutes or leave it on. This really depends on your skin type and preference. Alum is also great for blemishes….sigh, wish I new of this stuff when I was in high school! Shake or pat dry with a towel and place in Dry Dock.

3.65 Oz [103 Grams]

ingredients: potassium alum, purified water

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