Omega | ROMA Capitoline Lupa Shaving Brush


Omega ROMA Capitoline Lupa shaving brush

The new Synthetic Brush by Omega

Omega, A leading brush factory in Italy and in the world for the production of shaving brushes, relaunches its gauntlet to the synthetic brush market.
The new synthetic shaving brush Omega Rome is positioned under the precious range of synthetic brushes Omega Evo maintaining the feel and quality of the shave.

– Omega Rome were produced in 2 different versions:

ROMA (Capitoline Wolf): 26 mm knot and 45 mm bristle. Total length: 91 mm

Characteristics Rome Lupa Capitolina

Overall height: 91mm
Handle 46mm
tuft 45mm
Weight: 64,19 gr

Bottle: Single brush
Handle: ivory imitation


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