Noodler’s Konrad Fountain Pen in Northern Pike - Flex Nib


The Konrad is a piston-fill fountain pen that is fitted with the Noodler's stainless steel flexible #6 nib. Expect variation in each pen body due to the nature of the material each pattern is unique. The Konrad is made out of a celluloid derivative that is biodegradable and formed from a renewable resource.

Noodler's Ink Konrad Flex - Fountain Pen - Northern Pike - Flex Nib:

    •    Finish: Celluloid  Derivative
    •    Trim: Silver
    •    Nib: Stainless Flex Steel
    •    Filling System: Piston Filler
    •    Length Closed: 5.25 inches
    •    Length Posted: 5.75 inches
    •    Gift Boxed

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