Murphy and Mcneil

Murphy and McNeil | Granuaile Aftershave Splash



When Grace O'Malley was young, she begged her father to join him on his seafaring expeditions.  He declined, explaining that her long red hair would get caught in the ropes.  The next time he saw her, the hair was gone and she was on her way to becoming one of the most fierce women in Irish history.  "Bald Grace," or Granuaile (gran-ya-wail) was how she would become known throughout history.  For decades she was the pirate queen of Ireland, plundering the seas, fighting the English, and even meeting Elizabeth I in her bare feet and dressed as an Irish Chieftain.

Granuaile is dedicated to this legend.  Featuring notes of gunpowder, white leather, aged oak, and ocean aquatics are meant to bring you back to a different time of gritty battles on the high seas.

This Aftershave Splash by Murphy and McNeil combines exceptional ingredients to provide an excellent post-shave feel and scents that linger.

Scent Profile

  • Scent Strength: Medium
  • Notes of gunpowder, white leather, aged oak, and salty ocean aquatics will take you to a place of gritty battles on the high seas.
  • Credit: This set features the art of Razor Rays Designs see more of his work on Instagram at @razoraysfl!

Aftershave Splash Ingredients

  • Alcohol Splash: Alcohol Denat - Isopropyl Myristate - Willow Bark Extract - Witch Hazel- Aloe - Vegetable Glycerin - Green Tea Extract - Silver Dihydrogen Citrate - Citric Acid - Fragrance - Menthol or Koolada-23 (Optional) - Polysorbate 20 - Glucam P-20

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