Muhle | Classic R89 Safety Razor and Stand


Mühle Traditional Shaving Set R89 Safety Razor & Stand. A 2 piece traditional shaving set with razor handle made of metal with chrome-plated metal materials.

Mühle Safety Razor R89 close comb. The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At MÜHLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Our design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish. The model comes in two versions (closed and open comb) as every beard growth, every type of facial skin is individual – and the same applies to personal shaving preferences. Comes with a short instruction and one blade.

Measurements: L 95 mm, B 53 mm

Weight: 66 g

Customer Reviews

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Don't get confused, it's a three piece razor

So I assumed from reading the description that this was a two piece razor but I believe that description is referring to that you get two separate pieces in this set as in the razor and the stand.
However the razor is a three piece but it is extremely simple to use. This is my first ever safety razor, total Newby.. I have used cartridge razors my entire life.i have a large beard but I'm getting into shaving for my head. I'm sure learning wet shaving is slightly more difficult on the dome then the face but my first shave I ended up with only one weeper although I probably made many mistakes. Very forgiving, I wasn't sure it was cutting when it was because it's so gentle.
Definitely beginner friendly. The handle is alittle short for maneuvering around the head, I'll probably opt for a longer handled razor in the future, but this is undoubtedly a fantastic set for a starter, especially for a face shaver!

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