Martin de Candre

Martin de Candre | Martin de Candre Rose Shaving Soap 200g


LIMITED EDITION Martin de Candre Rose Shaving Soap
Of all the Rose scented products around this is truest to what a Rose scent should smell like, it’s pungent, sensual and pleasing. A scent for all seasons and occasions that men and women of all ages will appreciate. Martin de Candre Shaving Soaps are made in rural France by artisan soap makers that take an obvious pride in the work they do.
Martin de Candre soaps are handmade, vegan and good for all skin types including sensitive skin.

This is an expensive, luxury shaving soap but it will last around 12 months daily use. The longevity of the soap is down to many weeks the air drying process Martin de Candre applies to each puck of soap. Air drying for weeks on end hardens the soap and removes any moisture in the mix. What you get is a dense, hard-packed shaving soap.

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