Martin de Candre

Martin de Candre | ‘Le Nature’ Shaving Soap (Unscented) 200g


As its name suggests it, here is the Shaving Soap “Nature”, which is unscented and whose quality of the foam is identical to others scented shaving soaps. Very smooth, it has a slight smell of “soap”; its foam rises quickly, is abundant, stays wet for a long time and wraps the face like a light cream, to allow a perfect shave with the maximum of comfort.

Shaving Soap “Nature”: neither more nor less than our shaving soap … but without perfume! Same texture and plenty of foam, same softness when shaving.

The main advantages of MdC shaving soap:

A hot saponification, made by us in our workshop, with 100% vegetable oils (olive, copra) and potash (Alcali). Our 40 years of experience allow us to guarantee perfect control of this process.

– A fully hot saponified paste guarantees an excellent conservation, without the addition of any preservative.

– At the end of the cooking process, we add in the still hot paste essential oils which allows us to perfume our soaps at their very heart.

– Weeks of drying, so that the soap loses weight, its water. Taking the time to dry the soap is a “madness” when today, everything must go very fast … but there is no secret: the paste and the perfume are greatly improved!

-A brand product, made by a French craftsman, a luxurious product … and yet one of the most economical: it lasts a good year according to your feedback and comments.

-And finally let’s talk about its foam:

The foam takes shape quickly, under the beautiful gestures of the shaving brush, you get a smooth shave, very close, and without skin aggression. The foam is abundant, it “sticks” to the skin: we get on the face like a soft and unctuous cream. This foam is really beautiful but YOU are undoubtedly speaking about it better than anyone!

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