Martin de Candre

Martin de Candre | Fougère Shaving Soap 200g


Martin de Candre LIMITED EDITION Fougère Shaving Soap

Le Savon à raser en Edition Limitée Fougère – Limited Edition Fougere Shaving Soap by Martin de Candre of France. This premium, luxury, handmade soap has added cologne made from twelve essential oils. As soon as you swirl your shaving brush on the surface of this soap you know this is no ordinary shaving soap. The scent and the lather are stronger and richer than other brands and the lather seems to stay in the brush a lot longer than other soaps, you will also notice that the soap retains heat leading to a better shave.

The shaving lather is rich, creamy, protective and lubricating.
Expensive? Yes, unashamedly so, however, this soap should last the average wet shaver around 12 months daily shaving.

This is a Limited Edition Shaving Soap, Martin de Candre will stop making this soap during 2019.

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