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Alberta is known for its remarkable abundance of sunshine hours. With vast stretches of prairies and clear skies, the province enjoys an impressive amount of sunlight year-round. Alberta's landscapes are bathed in sunlight illuminating the natural beauty of the province, but also fosters a thriving agricultural industry and offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. "Prairie Sky" captures the essence of the bright, clear skies of Alberta, serving as a foil to our earlier release “Dark Sky Preserve”.

Prairie Sky opens with the juicy and sweet notes of lychee and peach then unfolds with the refreshing aroma of red tea, offering a lively and invigorating element.

As the scent unfolds, luscious black cherry and ripe plum notes emerge, mirroring the abundant fruit harvest that thrives under Alberta's open skies. A touch of succulent peach and tropical hints of coconut and mango add a delicate sweetness.

Soft hints of floral dance in the background providing a subtle elegance, while tonka bean and patchouli lend a smooth and rich undertone. 

"Prairie Sky" is a fragrance that embodies the spirit of Alberta's sunny charm, capturing the essence of endless sunshine hours and the natural wonders found within its breathtaking landscapes.

This is a reworking of “Lychee is a Stone Fruit”, which was an attempt to combine all the stone fruits into one scent. This version sees the addition of coconut (which is actually a stone fruit as well), tonka bean and florals, and is less sweet.

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