Le Père Lucien

Le Père Lucien | Oud Neroli Shaving Soap, 150g


Shaving soap from premium barber Father Lucien is enriched with shea butter and scented with essential oils of Neroli oud, musk and cardamom, its very masculine

The new formula of this soap Oud Neroli shea butter base makes it harder, easier to lather and more protective.

To obtain a creamy foam covering that will protect you throughout your shave, we recommend you to wet your brush and work your foam (from 30 seconds to one minute). The appearance should change and indicate that it is ready for use.

Our tip: to preserve your soap all its qualities we recommend you leave it open permanently, it will dry, become harder and more economic and Oud fragrance Neroli pleasantly scent your bath.

Powerful, mysterious, woody citrus notes and Eastern

The Neroli is the essential oil of orange flowers, produced from the flower of bitter orange. The name “Neroli” comes from Anne Marie Orsini Nerola princess in Italy which, in 1680, launched the fashion of using the essence of bitter orange flower as a fragrance in her bath. The sour orange flower is the symbol of innocence and fertility.

The agarwood (Aquilara malaccensis) , also called oud wood, is a fragrant resin produced by diseased wood from certain Asian trees. These trees belong to the genera Aquilarias. There exist at least twenty species of aquilarias that produce agarwood, but the most valuable is provided by the Aquilaria crassna when infected with fungi or bacteria. They are trees growing up to 40 meters high and 60 centimeters in diameter. Agarwood is so valuable because only 10% of the trees are naturally infected. When the infection is com

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