Le Père Lucien

Le Pere Lucien | Apricot Aftershave Lotion 100ml

  • Le Pere Lucien Cedar & Orange Aftershave Lotion
  • Presented in a 100ml glass bottle
  • Contains essential oils designed to soothe razor burn
  • Works as a moisturiser, astringent and disinfectant
  • Fruity, fresh, woody 'Cedre Orange' fragrance
  • Made in France

Le Pere Lucien Apricot Aftershave Lotion is an alcoholic aftershave containing essential oils designed to soothe razor burn. Vegetable glycerin helps to moisturise while the various essential oils bring astringent, disinfecting, and soothing properties.

This aftershave lotion is 100% natural and is made with essential oils (lavender, geranium) selected for their soothing, disinfectant, and astringent properties. Designed in collaboration with and under the supervision of a pharmacist graduate herbalist, this lotion is particularly moisturising and restorative. The alcohol level of 70% creates an ideal aftershave lotion as it functions as an antiseptic without causing any tingling sensation. It is also rich in unsaturated antioxidant. More than just a fragrance, this aftershave lotion is a genuine care product for your skin.

The gourmet fragrance notes of this aftershave are fun and rejuvenating. They contrast a bit with the rest of the Le Pere Lucien range while maintaining the elegance so typical of the brand. This will bring you a moisturising and calming post shave experience while leaving your skin delicately scented. Free from allergens.

Top tip: For extra freshness after shaving, you can keep your lotion stored in the refrigerator — just be careful not to drink it!


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