iKon | B1 OCD Stainless Steel Safety Razor


iKon B1 OCD Stainless Steel Safety Razor

The razor B1 OCD di iKon is, like the whole series “B1“, Entirely made of stainless steel. This open guard safety razor is smooth and gentle on the face throughout the shave thanks to the special technical design created by the laboratories iKon. Shaver developed in collaboration with Barbieri Uniti Srl Made in Italy

Weight: 110gr

The handle associated with the B1 OCD head is the new and exclusive Bulldog 90mm handle in stainless steel.

This is the first handle of iKon entirely developed in Italy. The development process of this single handle has been carried out by Barbieri Uniti Srl under the constant supervision of the iKon Team. To comply with the quality parameters required by iKon, the production was divided into 4 different phases and requested the intervention of 4 leading Italian companies in their area of ​​competence. Thus the simple raw material becomes a work of extraordinary quality.

The handle is entirely developed in stainless steel, knurled and hard chrome treated with a matte finish. The finish of the 90mm Bulldog is scratch-resistant.

The 90 Bulldog length is 90 mm with a maximum diameter of 13mm
The weight of the 90mm bulldog handle is 80gr

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