Feather | 20 Feather Professional Light Single-Edge Razor Blades


Special low-blade exposure makes this ‘shave light’ blade perfect for women and sensitive, delicate skin. The Pro-Light Blade fits any of the Feather Artist Club handles and offers less blade exposure to prevent the blade from strongly pushing against the skin. Made in Japan, this less aggressive blade features triple-grinding technology for optimal sharpness and double coating of platinum alloy and resin. A one-touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary insertion of new blades.

  • Blade is designed for minimal exposure on the skin to prevent irritation to sensitive skin
  • Used for full face shaving, outlining, line-ups
  • Triple grinding for optimal and superior sharpness, quality and consistency
  • One touch mechanism enables easy, sanitary insertion of new blades
  • Fits any Artist Club razors handles
  • 20 Blades Per Pack
  • Made in Japan

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