Fatip | Safety Razor Zebra Wood Gentile Head


Weight: 60 g / Total length – 110 mm / Handle Length – 90 mm / Head width – 42 mm

A new line of razors with the 100mm long wooden handle beautifully hand-crafted and made of precious 4 variants. The elegant design and warm colors of the wood are enhanced by the chrome elements of the head and the base.

Il Zebrano Wood Gentile is a safety razor in 3 pieces with screw opening. The head and the base are in chromed brass, while the handle is in Zebrano wood.

The handle has a metal core that makes the razor perfectly balanced and easy to use.

The new gentle closed-comb head ensures a smooth and gentle shave on all types of leather.

Il Zebrano Wood Gentile combines sophistication and sobriety of shapes for a shaving instrument that identifies a lifestyle always looking for unique sensations.

Fatip safety razors are made TOTALLY in Italy.
The metal used is brass, which is processed by the artisans of Premana,
first in form and then plated in various finishes.

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