Fatip | Grande Double-Edge Safety Razor, Nickel


Fatip’s 3-piece Grande Nickel Plated Safety Razor combines precision and elegance that will take your shaving routine to a whole new level. A close shave is possible for those of all skink types and all beards lengths thanks to its famous open comb head design. Its smooth hollow and decorated handle provide a comfortable shave while its rougher base ensures the head can be removed safely and simply.

After relaunching the brand in the 1980’s, Fatip continues to be known for its high quality and superior performance made famous by its original founder. Skilled craftsmen make each Fatip razor by hand in Premana, Italy, with carefully selected materials to ensure quality and longevity.

Length: 3.4″ (8.6 cm)
Handle Length 3.1” (7.8 cm)
Head Width 1.66” (4.2 cm)
Weight: 2.3 oz (66 g)

Made in Italy

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