Fatip | Black Tie Testina Originale Safety Razor


Safety razor black tie nobile original open comb – Fatip

Weight: 60 g / Total Length – 110 mm / Handle Length – 90 mm / Head Width- 42 mm


A new line of razors with a 100mm varnished shiny black handle, beautifully handcrafted and created in two precious variations. The elegant design is enhanced by the chrome elements of the head and the base. The Black Tie Nobile Original is a three-piece safety razor with screw dismantling. The head and the base are made of chromed brass. The handle is made of a varnished shiny black polymer with a metal core that makes the razor perfectly balanced and easy to use. The open comb head guarantees an accurate and clean shave for all lengths of facial hair.
The Black Tie Nobile Original, combining elegance and simplicity, provides unique sensations for wet-shaving lovers.

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