Extro Cosmesi

Extro | Tabacco Shaving Cream


This 100% natural, vegetable Tabacco Scented Shaving Cream smells nothing like cigar or cigarette smoke.
Instead, it benefits from a fabulous, light, yet mildly musky scent with hints of leather, amber, whisky, wood and bergamot. It’s made by one of the premier shaving supply companies in Europe, Extro Cosmesi of Settimo, Italy.
One of the ladies here sniffed the matching aftershave/EDT and said “oh sexy”, there you go guys, sexy, what are you waiting for?
This product is a cross between a shaving cream and a shaving soap, it has a consistency similar to putty, this makes lathering up easy and quick.
As with all other Extro shaving creams, expect a luscious, rich and creamy consistency that moisturises and protects the skin while you shave.

100% natural, contains calendula oil and linalool.

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