Extro Cosmesi

EXTRO’ COSMESI | Positano Shaving Cream


Extro Positano Shaving Cream is named in honor of the city of Positano. Positano is a beautiful cliff-top village on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy in the Salerno region. Known for the sultry scents of the many flowers that grew in this city.

Positano shaving cream has the warm, intoxicating scent of the Amalfi Coast. Notes of fig, jasmine, cyclamen and pink orchid are combined with amber, wood and musk to create a fantastic fragrance. This cream is enriched with hypericum extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to heal and regenerate the skin while shaving.

Delivered in a beautiful glass jar that immediately serves as a shaving bowl.

Aqua (Water), Cucus Nucifera Oil, Steearic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Hypericum Peroratum Extract, Parfum.

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