Extro Cosmesi

EXTRO’ COSMESI | Liquirizia & Magnolia Shaving Cream


Extro Liquirizia & Magnolia Shaving Cream

liquorice and magnolia shaving cream made with amarelli liquorice. amarelli is one of the Italian excellences, producing liquorice of the highest quality from 1731.

this shaving cream combines the delicate but intense fragrance of amarelli licorice with the magnolia flower. the olfactory description of this fragrance is liquorice, floral, herbaceous and fruity.

like the latest productions of extro ‘even the liquorice and magnolia shaving cream, is enriched with the inclusion of top quality raw materials such as shea butter, musqueta rose, and bacopa monnieri. these same raw materials have already been used in the production of baroque shaving cream.

for the complete olfactory pyramid of the fragrance, see the corresponding after shave eau de toilette.

the packaging is traditionally extro ‘in an elegant glass vase

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