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Absinthium Artemisia 150ml Hand Shaving Cream Extrò Cosmesi

This shaving cream is born from the encounter of the Don with Andrea Onesti, member of the academy ofabsinthe.
After the after shave Eau de toilette, so also the shaving cream is born Absinthium Artemisia enriched with jojoba oil and extract of Eastern Siegesbeckia, an ingredient used for the first time in an unusual shaving cream, as this product is used in oriental medicine to treat wounds.

What is absinthe?: Absinthe (more precisely, Absinthe major) is a scientifically called plant Artemisia Absinthium. It is a fairly common shrub in alpine areas, characterized by a silvery green color and an extremely bitter taste. In Italian with the term Absinthe, reference is also made to theAbsinthe, a drink obtained by distilling officinal herbs including Artemisia Absinthium, Green Anise, Fennel, Lemon Balm, Coriander and Hyssop. THE’Absinthe experienced an exceptional spread in 800, was called Absent, in Spanish-speaking countries Absinthe, in the German-speaking countries Absinthe but with different pronunciation in Anglo-Saxon countries and precisely Absinthe in Italy.

Absinthe was banned in almost all the world at the beginning of the 900 and from that moment the legends that speak of the Green Fairy as a dangerous drug, endowed with strange powers began. Actually, absinthe has no astonishing effect, and the reasons that led to the ban were of a completely different nature.

Shaving cream 100% Vegetal IN LARGE GLASS BOWL

Entirely worked by hand

Donato Ciniello – Extrò Cosmetics

Donato Ciniello has worked in the world of cosmetics for more than thirty years. But for less than a decade he has discovered the passion of traditional shaving. Passion that soon became an important commercial activity (EXTRO COSMESI), with customers coming from all over the world.
His center of gravity is Settimo Torinese, where he produces and sells products such as razors, creams, soaps and shaving brushes, and where he even created the so-called “free hand wall”, dedicated to those who use traditional razors.

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