Extro Cosmesi

EXTRO’ COSMESI | 17° Stormo Shaving Cream


A fragrance of pure instinct, an alchemy of eroticism and mystery, expression of positive emotions. This is 17th STORMO, for a long time in the creative mind of Donato Ciniello:
an endless adventure, dedicated to those who feel capable of big business (even just daily), for the strong man, but also by those who are guided by the game , of irony, for those who believe deeply in friendship and for those who do not take themselves too seriously.

What does it smell like? I thought a strong and rich Patchouli, then I smelt Stirling Glastonbury and realized it couldn’t be patchouli, it must be the Cannabis Oil. It’s glorious, it’s deep, sumptuous and earthy .

Black pepper, Cannabis, Woods
Heliotropies, Resins, Woods, Coffee
Incense, Oudh, Amber, Musk, Red pepper.


Aqua (Water), Cucus Nucifera Oil, Steearic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Hypericum Peroratum Extract, Parfum, Absinthium Artemisia,  jojoba oil and extract of Eastern Siegesbeckia

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