Dee Charles

Dee Charles Designs | 5-Pen Box Pen Carrying Case - Desert Black


Dee Charles Designs 5-Pen Box is designed to carry or store up to 5 pens. Made of high-quality leather with complimentary hand stitching along the finished edges, the design also includes a leather-encased, heavy-duty chipboard removable insert with dividers to keep your pens safe. The stylish design keeps pens protected, but still accessible when you need them.

Measurements of 5-Pen Box:
7" long x 4 ½" wide x 1" deep

Measurements of Insert:
6 ¼" long x 3 ¾" wide x ¾" deep

Dee Charles Designs...because you can't trust just anyone to hold your pens.

*Dee Charles Designs products are made by hand using high quality, authentic leather, so exact colors may vary product to product.

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