Prospectors Pomade

Prospectors Pomade | Dresser Comb


This large comb is the perfect tool for your morning hair styling ritual. It has a balanced and nice feel to it for ease of use making styling your hair effortless. With both wide teeth and thin teeth this comb will be easy to use for all hair types. This will be your new favorite at home comb.

Made from plant cellulose for strength and durability. It will last you a lifetime with routine cleaning. This material makes for a flexibility that is perfect for combing your hair. It will feel great through the hair and it will make quick work of styling so that you can get on with your day that much sooner.

  • 7.25′ Dresser Comb
  • Fine and coarse teeth
  • Perfect for all hair styles
  • Made from plant cellulose for flexible strength

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