Le Père Lucien



Its chocolatey and gourmet vanilla scent will enchant your nose and take you back to childhood, directly at the candy and marzipan merchant.

Much more than a simple after-shave, our after-shave lotion has been developed with very pure grain alcohol, distilled water, vegetable glycerin and an apricot aroma. Like all our lotions, its disinfectant and astringent properties are perfectly preserved. As a result, it will instantly calm any razor burn.

Ideally dosed in vegetable glycerin, this lotion is also moisturizing and restorative. In addition, its alcohol content of 70° vol is perfectly antiseptic without bringing the slightest tingling sensation. This perfuming lotion is a real care for your skin.

The gourmet notes of this aftershave are fun and rejuvenating. They contrast slightly with the rest of the Le Père Lucien product line while retaining the elegance so characteristic of the brand. This aftershave will bring you hydration and soothing while leaving your skin delicately scented.

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