Chicago Comb Co.

Chicago Comb Co. | Model No. 4 – Standard Stainless Steel


The Chicago Comb Model 4 is inspired by combs from the luxurious Jet Age of the 1960s. During that era, airlines gave their first class passengers gift sets with sleek, rectangular combs. Model 4 is imbued with the same optimism and elegance.

4 inches (10 cm) long, with medium-fine tines (teeth). Makes a great daily use comb, and is the perfect size for a pocket or travel comb. Also makes an excellent beard and mustache comb. The comb has an ultra smooth, satin matte finish to ensure it will glide through hair effortlessly.

Model 4 Standard is precisely laser-cut from a solid sheet of stainless steel, and then carefully hand and machine finished in a lengthy, multi-step process to ensure that all of the surfaces and edges are smooth, rounded, and perfectly gentle on the hair and scalp. The outstanding quality of materials and attention to detail is what distinguishes Chicago Combs and makes them the best in the world. Made in U.S.A. and built to last a lifetime.

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