Cella | Rapid Brushless Shaving Cream with Almond Oil


Cella Milano’s Rapid Shaving Cream is ideal for paired-down travelling or when you don’t have the time to use a shaving brush. Pleasantly almond scented, this cream is super slick and conditions the skin with almond oil, Jojoba oil and Panthenol.

  • Contains almond oil, Jojoba oil, Allantoin and Panthenol
  • Apply directly to the face without a shaving brush
  • Protects the skin while shaving
  • Ideal for a quick shave when travelling or post workout

Cella Milano is a family owned company that has been making men’s shaving products since 1899. The company is touted for its famous Crema da Barba soft almond shaving soap. Today Cella offers a range of traditional shaving and beard care items.

Weight: 5.1 fl oz (150ml)
Made in Italy

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