Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes | Cedar and Sandalwood Shaving Cream


Luxurious and natural, the Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood Shaving Cream is top of the line. Most noted for it’s incredibly dense lather, it nourishes and conditions the skin as you shave, providing you with a comfortable shave and minimal irritation. Highly appraised by wet shavers around the world, this Castle Forbes Shaving Cream will revolutionize your shaving experience.

Using cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils, this Castle Forbes Shaving Cream smells of freshly chopped wood, ready to be put on the fire. Spicy, yet with the sweetness of cedar, this scent comes on a bit strong, but fades to a very intimate and light scent quickly. Deliciously woodsy, and using only natural ingredients, the Cedarwood & Sandalwood series is excellent for all skin types.

Castle Forbes begun over 25 years ago in the world’s smallest perfumery, run within Castle Forbes Estate in Scotland. Expanding into wet shaving products more recently, Castle Forbes is known for their use of only natural ingredients, and for their luxurious high-quality products befit of a gentleman (or gentlewoman). Regaled today as one of the best shaving brands in the world, each Castle Forbes product delivers a distinctly elegant element to every shaving experience.

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