Buck Naked Soap Co.

Buck Naked Soap Co. | Cinnamon Hearts Coconut Wax Candle


This Valentine's Day fill your room with the iconic sweet & spicy note of cinnamon! This classic spicy 'sweetheart' scent helps bring feelings of warmth, coziness and relaxation. It can also stimulate energy and focus. Win-win! 

Made with clean burning coconut wax and a FSC sustainable crackling wooden wick, our candles are available in 250ml (35 hour burn).

Burn within sight, away from flammable objects, children and pets. Burn on heat safe surface. Avoid drafts. For best results, burn until wax melts evenly across, do not exceed 4 hours. Keep wax pool free of debris. Keep wick centered & trim to 1/8-1⁄4" each time candle is lit. Stop candle when 1⁄2" of wax remains. Do not move or touch while hot. Candle wrap is Carbon Neutral and Recyclable.


“Indulge in our luxurious fall and holiday collection featuring a delightful range of Christmas gifts and hostess gifts. Explore our fragrant bath bombs, soothing candles, and nourishing soaps - perfect additions to your winter self-care routine or for curating exquisite gift sets."

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