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Chasing the Dragon is our flanker to the immensely popular Khalifa. However, Chasing the Dragon is a bit more refined and less aggressive compared to Khalifa. I think we did a superb job in creating this scent, while maintaining a mysterious, veiled fragrance that can be worn day or night. Khalifa is a very dark, decadent and an unapologetic punch in the face. Dragon shares some of the notes, but is a bit more sophisticated, with edges rounded and some added notes of star anise and other ‘mysterious’ notes that are sweet…almost like burnt maple syrup with a hint of florals, oud & bourbon. It’s amazingly complex and beautiful.

Notes: Star anise, coffee, pepper, jasmine, oud, rose, cedarwood, sandalwood, cannabis & other ‘mysterious resins’ (from Khalifa) vanilla and bourbon.

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Whoa !!!

This was my first A&E soap and aftershave. I have many other tallow based soaps and they all perform very well. As the last reviewer stated and not to paraphrase.....there really is alot going on in this soap. This absolutely smell wonderful and not that it matters, but I totally think the artwork of the tub and what it smells like go hand in hand. Now let's get down to the dirty. This K2 base is amazing. Easy to lather, great cushion, residual slickness between passes and just an awesome post shave feel. This is certainly not my last A&E soap......especially if they are K2. Great job and keep em coming.

Beautifully complex dark scent

WOW! I can see why so many people hold this scent in such high regard. There's a LOT going on in here and its all so SO good. Thoroughly enjoyed the scent and the performance, bravo Pete!

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