Hi everyone!

Welcome to the updated website.  

Due to several factors we have decided to upgraded our platform and we hope that it will serve you better.

You will find the site quicker, more responsive and offering a greater number of payment options.

You may notice that you have been redirected to our temporary url


This will only be for a short time while we complete the migration from our previous server.

The downside to the upgrade is that we were not able to transfer over accounts.  So you will need to do the following:

- create a new account (earning 200 points)

- if you believe you have a reward points balance let us know via email ( customercare@topofthechain.ca ) and we will update them - we (of course) kept a record of them.

Some items may be absent, but rest assured the entire catalogue will be updated in the coming days.

I hope that everyone will enjoy the new site and please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.  

Thanks again to all your support.