Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa 18,5cm Black Styling Com


Acca Kappa 18,5cm Black Styling Comb. The story of Acca Kappa is the story of the Krüll family. Since 1869, in the heart of the Italian city of Treviso this family has been dedicated to advancing the taste, culture and elegance of this city of fashion. Thanks also to their love and respect for nature and the human body, they have become a leader in European cosmetics.

This fantastic Acca Kappa white cutting comb is made of polycarbonate, which treats the hair gently and without breaking or damaging it. Ideal for cutting, thanks to its fine and wide teeth. Its size of 18.5 cm and its ergonomic shape will make this comb the ideal accessory for cutting. With greater inter-tooth spacing than the 7257B, this comb is perfect for thick or voluminous hair.

Ideal for hairdressing professionals and for everyone who enjoys taking care of their own appearance.

Made in Italy.

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