What Should Be In A Beginner Wet Shaving Kit?

Creating a beginner wet shaving kit could seem like a daunting task with so many razors, soaps, and brushes to choose from, one could easily become overwhelmed.  But getting set up with the tools needed shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be. Below is a guide with some suggestions to get your started.

What to look for in a Beginner Wet Shaving Kit

The Razor

When choosing a beginner wet shaving kit it is essential to ensure that it includes a quality razor to ensure that you are not turned off by a razor that is subpar. You can’t really go wrong razor-wise if the kit includes a Merkur Razor like the Merkur 25c or an Edwin Jagger 8x series razor like the Edwin Jagger 89lbl, it will probably run you a little more than necessary but you will end up with a name brand razor. Another option is to go for a razor like the one that is included in the Beginner Wet Shaving Kit (click here to check it out) found on the TopOfTheChain that comes with one of  chrome finish razors, a quality tool but without the advertising dollar to drive up the price.

The Soap / Cream

Many options when it comes to selecting a soap or cream. You could go with a well known brand like D.R. Harris which will cost you a bit more or something like Proraso  that will cost you less but still provide a great shave, or you could opt for one of the many artisan shave soap producers out there that are producing quality products. For example The First Canadian Shave Soap Co. out of Barrie, Ontario, which produces a great all around shave experience.

The Brush

Choosing a shaving brush is another one of those areas where you could easily get lost in the options available. Choosing between the different grades of brushes could get confusing. What you are looking for in a beginner wet shaving kit is an introductory brush, probably synthetic or boar, that won’t cost you too much. If you buy into wet shaving you could always make your shaving brush one of your first upgrades.


When it comes to blades it becomes a bit of a trial and error situation. Not all blades work for all skin types. Your best bet would be to pick up a blade sample pack similar to this one that will allow you to try different blades without having to commit to a large purchase for a single brand.

Additional Items

In addition to the above items you could include an aftershave product. A balm similar to this offering from Proraso that you would use to help sooth and repair your skin. You could also include an alum block that could help with any nicks or cuts you may end up with. Although these items would be helpful, they are not absolutely necessary.