How Do You Choose Double Edge Safety Razor Blades?

If you have decided to take the plunge into the classic wet shaving world you are probably a bit overwhelmed. Unlike the mass market blades you find at the grocery or drugstore, the number of  safety razor blades available for purchase dwarfs that of cartridge systems.  But don’t let the mountain of options dissuade you – instead look at it as an opportunity to have some of the greatest shaves of you life! We put together this guide to help you navigate the safety razor blade terrain and have you on your way to finding your favourite razor.

The Razor / Blade Relationship

The first thing to consider and keep in mind before buying any safety razor blades is that the blade is only as good as the razor that you are using. Picking up a quality safety razor that is most ideal for your skin type is ideal, and the topic for another post, but what is key to keep in mind that the same blade may perform differently from one razor to the next.

Sharpest Blade the Best?

Many people believe that the sharpest double edge safety razor blades you can buy are the Feather Blades.  And although they may be the sharpest, and are the ideal choice for many wet shavers they may not be for you. Sharpest doesn’t always equal best shave. Other factors to consider in addition to choosing a suitable razor as mentioned above is your skin type. People with sensitive skin may not benefit from a super sharp blade. The only way you will find out if a sharper blade is best for you is to try them out, but before you jump in and pick up a 100 Feather blades you may want to consider a sample pack of blades instead.

SAfety Razor Blades Sample Packs

Double edge razor sample packs like this one are a great way to help you find a blade that is most comfortable and suitable for you skin and razor. Sample packs come in a variety of sizes with various brands that you can work through until you find ‘your’ blade.

How Many Shaves?

Finally how many shaves you get out of your blade is really dependant not only on the blade but also the coarseness of you beard. If you have a thicker beard you blade may dull quicker than someone with finer hair. Having said that you are probably looking at a range of 3 to 5 shaves per blade, of course you could achieve more, or less for that matter.  The nice thing about classic wet shaving is that you don’t really need to think about the cost of shaving the way you did with cartridge shaving.  The blades are so inexpensive that you don’t need to drag out that additional shave or two to get your money’s worth.

Hope this helps you on your way.  For a closer look at some blades follow this link.