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Templeton Tonics | Eventide Wax Cream


Eventide is an easy to use Wax Cream using the Odin Wax Cream formula that gives insane volume, separation, and a powerful, flexible hold with a healthy matte finish. Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil leave the hair feeling soft and nourished after each use. Silica and a blend of waxes give a firm hold that is lightweight and flexible in the hair. The most versatile product in the Templeton Tonics lineup, Eventide Wax Cream can be used in many different ways. 4 Oz

  • Made in collaboration with Barrister and Mann, a wet shaving and fragrance brand that has inspired me for many years with consistently incredible and unique fragrances and products.

  • Outstanding fragrance made by Barrister and Mann.

  • Apply to slightly damp hair and blowdry to use as a prestyler that gives instant control while styling for lots of volume and texture.

  • Apply in small scoops to dry hair for an all-day, flexible hold with loads of lift and volume.

  • Due to Eventide Wax Cream’s strength, work with small, fingernail sized scoops and apply in layers until desired style is achieved. Apply less for a free-flowing, finger-combed style. Apply more to lock your style in place for a reliable hold all day.

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