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Talbot Shaving | Valley of Fire Shaving Soap

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Valley of Fire state park, loved for its 40,000+ acres of bold, red Aztec sandstone contrasted by gray and tan limestone. The landscape contains ancient, petrified trees and petroglyphs dating back more than two millennia. This place is popular for its scenery, hiking trails and wedding locations.

More than a decade ago a story began in the Valley of Fire. Two young, passionate, and imperfect souls pledged to love one and other, until death do them part. They dreamt of a life together, a home together, and a family of their own. Like any couple together for so long, and like the forces of nature that formed this beautiful landscape, there have been beautiful sun rises and fierce storms. In the end, they remain strong and continue that journey and honor those vows.

Valley of Fire is inspired by this couple’s story, the state park in which they wed, and a scent they both love. It is a scent inspired by the popular cologne, Jimmy Choo Man. Valley of Fire is an aromatic, woody and fruity accord featuring notes of honeydew melon, pink pepper, pineapple leaf, lavender, patchouli and suede. Join Talbot Shaving and Catie’s Bubbles with your own journey through the Valley of Fire.”

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